1. Client - a business entity registered in the European Union which places an order at the Supplier
  2. Supplier - LPP Printable Sp. z o.o with its registered office at ul. Magnacka 4E, 80-180 Gdańsk Kowale
  3. Quantity-related complaint – a complaint regarding insufficient or excessive amount of the delivered goods
  4. Patent defect – a defect that can be noticed upon careful visual inspection of an unprocessed product which does not show signs of use
  5. Latent defect – a defect that cannot be noticed upon careful visual inspection of a new product, which manifests itself during its proper use
  6. Proper use – use according to the instructions provided on the product label; not using the product in extreme conditions which could lead to its faster wear.
  7. Colour difference – a difference attributable to the different type of used material or a difference exceeding 2 grey scale grades between individual deliveries of the same product
  8. Processed product – a processed product means a product which was processed in any way, including printing or adding embroidery, badges etc.
  9. Mixed-label product - a product with the Promostars or Crimson Cut brand with the same product name and index.
  1. Orders must be placed in a written form, either via e-mail or the B2B website www.b2b.promostars.com . The order should contain the name and all relevant details of the ordering company (name, address, tax identification number, telephone number, name of the person responsible for the order), delivery address if it is different from the company address, client's company seal and the signature of an authorised person.
  2. The orders are entered into the Supplier's system within 48 hours from the time of placing an order for in-stock products. If the placed order receives the status processing, it can no longer be modified.
  1. If a new client places their first order, it must be paid via bank transfer to the specified account before shipping.
  2. For subsequent orders, the client may take advantage of a 14-day payment delay. In the case of overdue payments, the Client cannot take advantage of the 14-day payment delay for the ordered goods.
  1. The Client shall inspect the delivery upon its receipt and immediately notify the Supplier of all patent defects and discrepancies with regard to the quantity of the received goods.
  2. Before processing or using the delivered goods, the recipient shall inspect them in terms of quality, size, dimensions, colour and other properties. If the collected goods are processed or used, it shall mean they are accepted as compliant with the order specifications.
  3. Quantity-related complaints can be submitted by the Client within 48 hours from the delivery.
  4. Complaints may apply only to products showing patent defects, color differences or products which are not compliant with the order specifications. Complaints related to patent defects or non-compliance with the order specifications shall not apply to products which have been processed.
  5. The occurrence of mixed labels in one delivery is not a reason for complaint.
  6. If the goods are delivered to a place other than the Client's registered address (as specified by the Client), the Client shall carefully inspect the goods according to the requirements set out in these General terms and conditions of delivery. Complaints from third-party companies will not be accepted.
  7. The liability for defects after reselling the products is transferred to the Client, which means that all complaints to the Supplier can be submitted by the Client only. The Supplier is liable for all latent defects in accordance with the statutory warranty legislation. All quality-related complaints shall be submitted using a complaint form, which constitutes an attachment to these general terms and conditions of delivery. If a quality-related complaint is recognised as valid, the Supplier shall repair the defective product or, if this is not possible, replace the product with a defect-free one. In other case, the Supplier shall accept the defective goods and return the price of the returned goods to the Client. In each case, the Supplier's liability shall not exceed the total value of returned goods. To enable the Supplier to accept goods returned under a complaint procedure, the Client is required to fill in a return form, providing the invoice ID for the purchased and returned goods, and attach it to the shipped goods or send it via e-mail to dok@promostars.com.
    Complain formHERE
  1. If the goods must be returned for reasons attributable to the Client, the possibility of such a return must first be agreed upon with the Commercial Department or the Customer Service Department and then, if this turns out to be possible, the Client shall sent the goods back and cover the shipping costs or deliver the goods to the Supplier in person. Otherwise, the goods will not be accepted by the Supplier.
  2. To enable the Supplier to accept the returned goods, the Client is required to fill in a return form, providing the invoice ID for the purchased and returned goods, and attach it to the shipped goods or send it via e-mail to dok@promostars.com
    Return form here
  1. The Supplier will deliver the order goods via a delivery company. The shipping cost will be agreed upon with the Client individually, based on the place of delivery, number of packages and transport type. The shipping costs shall be covered by the Client.
  2. The goods will be shipped within the period specified by the delivery company.
  3. The Supplier reserve the right to delay the delivery due to unanticipated random events.
  4. The Client shall accept the shipped goods if they comply with the order specifications and to sign all the returnable documents. If the Client notices any damage to the packaging or the products, he shall fill in the Complaint Form in the delivery worker's presence and count all shipped products.
  5. The Client may collect the order via his own carrier or courier after he has agreed this with the Customer Service Department. The order can be collected no earlier than on the next business day after order placement. The risk shall be transferred to the Client no later than at the time of handing the ordered goods over to the forwarder, carrier or other entity entrusted with the shipping process. If the delay in shipping or transferring the ordered goods is due to reasons attributable to the Client, the risk shall be transferred to the Client on the day the ordered goods are prepared for shipping and the Client is informed about that fact.
  1. By "custom orders", we mean orders for models or colours that are not currently available in the Supplier's product range or an order for a model and colour that is available in the Supplier's product range but is provided specially to meet the Client’s demands.
  2. Due to the nature of custom orders, the price, quantity and other details regarding the product as well as the turnaround time must be always agreed upon individually with the Supplier.
  3. The Supplier will begin order processing after the Client has accepted the custom pattern, terms of delivery and confirmed the order in its entirety
  4. If the Client cancels an order for goods that have not been yet manufactured, he shall pay a fee in the amount of 50% of the total order value; if the manufacturing process has already begun, the fee may amount up to 100% of the total order value.
  5. The terms of payment, delivery and transport type are the same as in orders for standard products offered by the Supplier unless the Supplier and the Client have agreed otherwise. All custom orders are consistent with the Supplier's quality standards.
  6. After placing the order, the Client shall make an advance payment in the agreed amount to the Supplier's bank account.